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GISVM is a Free(dom) and ready to use anywhere Geographic Information System Virtual Machine, now available in three main versions:

GISVM desktop
GISVM desktop A full-feature GIS Desktop Workstation with the most popular and free GIS Desktop software installed: QGIS, gvSIG, Kosmo, OpenJump, uDIG, PostgreSQL, PostGIS,Mapserver on Ubuntu Gnome Desktop

GISVM base
GISVM base A base GIS Desktop Virtual Machine where you can install the free GIS software you need by double clicking on the included install scripts. This version is the lighter and faster ever released!

GISVM server
GISVM Server A full-feature GIS Server based exclusively on free Server GIS software:
Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php,Tomcat,PostgreSQL, PostGIS, GeoServer, Mapserver, deegree and Geonetwork, on Ubuntu Server.

RUN IT NOW on: Windows, Mac OS or Linux.
You only need to previously install the Free VMWare Player or any other player that can run a VMWare image.



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GISVM Desktop

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