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GISVM.COM 1st Year statistics report

GISVM.COM has just celebrated it’s first Birthday!

Just like an one-year old child, it has been through a lot of changes and now it’s getting ready to start walking! 😉

It is time for some site and download statistics for this first year of life. The following statistics where taken from data collected between: 1st September 2008 and 30th September 2009

GISVM.COM site : Monthly Summary Report

The next summary graph clearly shows the growing success of GISVM. In the last months, the number of visitors has doubled, compared to the first quarter months, and page views have risen from the initial 18.000 to nearly 90.000 pages/month .

Site monthly summary report

Visitors and Unique Visitors per month:

Site visitors per month

Site page views per month:


Server sessions per month:

Site server sessions

Visitors Map overlay:

There’s a new arrival on top 10 visitors country: Australia 😉

Site Map Overlay

Forum statistics:

Forum activity now shows a new dynamism, after a low period in the first 6 months of this year.

Forum statistics

GISVM image file downloads:

Some of the direct file download statistics. Here, ‘visitors’ means successful downloaded files.

Total downloaded files per month.

Downloads are very dependent on new version releases, when they go over 1000 downloads per month. During the “zero release” period, it never goes under 200 downloads per month, which means approximately a minimum of 10 downloads per day.

Total downloads per month

File versions downloads:

The two International versions released on 2008.11.01  have been the most downloaded ones, resulting in more than 3.600 downloads out of a total of 7.264 downloads.

Distinct files download

And who is downloading GISVM:

There are downloads from all over the world!

Download contriesDownload OS:

Microsoft Windows users make up nearly 3 quarters of the total downloads.

Download Operating System