GISVM on a… Macbook!

GISVM is supposed to run anywhere!

Undoubtedly it performs well on any of the NT based Windows, that is, on 2000, XP and Vista. It was built on them, and I use it there almost every day…

So to see it for myself, I grabbed a recent opportunity to try it on a Macbook.
It was a: Macbook 3, board x3100 at 800Mhz bus, Intel Core 2 Duo at 2 GHz, 4GB of RAM and 250GB HD. Boosted by OSX 10.5 leopard!

I ran GISVM with VMware Fusion and it worked faultlessly and ran more smoothly than on any Windows I have ever tried!

An amazing experience! So good that I want one of these to be my next laptop! 😉
Here are some photos and screenshots:

Macbook with GISVM – front view!

Macbook with GISVM – side view!

Macbook with GISVM – screen angle view!

Macbook with GISVM – screen detail!

Macbook with GISVM – multitasking screenshot!

It would be a lot of fun, if everyone joined this “GISVM on a…” experience initiative.
Please comment this post or send me you story to:

Cheers, Ricardo Pinho

2 thoughts on “GISVM on a… Macbook!


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