GISVM at FOSS4G 2009

This year the Biggest conference in the World about Open Source Software for GIS is going to happen at Sidney.

There are 3 GISVM presentation submissions for FOSS4G 2009. So let’s hope that this year it can make a presence there!

GISVM is still the unique project concerning Virtualization on GIS!
You can find GISVM abstracts by using “Virtualization” tag:

Please take a look at the proposed abstracts:

“GISVM, the ultimate tool for teaching FOSS4G
(Ricardo Pinho)”

GIS Virtual Machine is a new concept of FOSS4G distribution, based on Virtualization technology, which enables it to be a completely installed, configured and ready to use GIS Workstation. And, as a Virtual Machine, it can literally run anywhere. GISVM is a full-feature GIS Workstation based exclusively on free GIS software: PostgreSQL, PostGIS, GeoServer, Mapserver, FWTools, QGIS, GRASS, gvSIG, uDIG, Kosmo and OpenJump, on Ubuntu Desktop. As such it offers the growing number of professionals and general users, who need to perform any kind of GIS task, an opportunity to quickly and painlessly start using FOSS4G on their current computer environment. A case study will be presented on using GISVM at university training, for teaching “ecological modeling and spatial data analysis”, aimed at Master and Doctoral level students in different Universities. It demonstrates how it can be used with excellent results in the framework of teaching purposes.

“GISVM Server, Your Open Spatial Virtual Server
(Ricardo Pinho)”

In the past, commercial GIS software companies have based their business model on offering a complete and closed GIS solution, with proprietary file formats and proprietary drivers to access all types of external data. Today there is a way to solve the resulting incompatibility problems, with Open Spatial Standards from OGC and their extensive implementation from Free Open Source Software for GIS (FOSS4G). GIS Virtual Machine Server, offers the GIS user an easy way to start using FOSS4G with their current GIS software solution, to enter into the world of OGC Open Geospatial Standards and benefit from the power of real interoperability. There will be a presentation on the possibility of using GISVM Server with two proprietary software solutions, Autodesk AutoCAD MAP and ESRI ArcGIS, which will demonstrate how it is possible to access a PostgreSQL with PostGIS, a Simple Feature Geospatial Database, using FDO drivers or ZigGIS, and several OGC Web services, such as WMS and WFS.

(Jeremy Cothran)”

GISVM is a vmware based virtualized image containing many popular open source tools. Xenia is the name of a minimal relational database schema and associated scripts for processing data to a variety of formats and services. Xenia has been developed in the ocean observing system domain to ingest data from a variety of fixed and mobile distributed platforms and observation types at the current rate of approximately 10,000 observations/hour and produce popular formats such as KML, GeoRSS and web services. Combining both a proven relational database observation collection schema with a variety of open source GIS mapping tools on the same virtualized image provides easy turnkey solutions to data management and sharing issues for distributed observation platforms and systems.

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