GISVM.COM 1st month statistics report

GISVM.COM is a month old and more than 2,000 downloads!

I would like to thank everyone for this wonderful feedback!!!

Here it goes some site statistics for this first month.

GISVM.COM site: Daily number of page requests

(note that the main site has only one page!)

1st month - Daily page requests - graph

1st month - Daily page requests - table

GISVM 1st month downloads

GISVM 1st month downloads
GISVM 1st month downloads Total
1st month downloads - total - table

(note this doesn’t include files downloaded with torrent. Uncontrolled!)

There are at least 1,500 GISVM users out there.

Ooops, that costed me near to 2 TeraBytes of Bandwidth!

Hope everyone is using them!!!

And Who’s donwloading GISVM?

GISVM 1st month Downloads – Countries
1st month downloads - countries

1st month downloads  -countries - table
GISVM 1st month downloads – Browsers

Firefox rules!!! 🙂

GISVM 1st month downloads – Operating Systems
GISVM 1st month downloads - Operating Systems

Windows rules!  🙁

What do you think about this first Month Statistics?

Please, leave your comment!


6 thoughts on “GISVM.COM 1st month statistics report

  1. Alexandre Neto

    Hello ricardo, congratulations for the great work you have done. You can count my torrent download 😛

    Dont be “sad” about Windows being ruling the OS charts, in fact it means that lots of people using it are interested in trying Linux.

    Talking about me, it was a great way for me to get to know Ubuntu, and all the GIS software.

    Thank you


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