GISVM.COM 1st quarter statistics report

GISVM.COM has passed its first quarter, with 3 release dates and 5 different image file versions, resulting on 4,000 direct downloads, torrent excluded!

Once again I would like to thank everyone for the amazing feedback!!!

So here are some statistics of these first 4 months (2008 last quarter).

GISVM.COM site access:


During the first 4 months the site had a total of 62,657 pageviews, with some top day values corresponding the announcement dates, but almost equal amounts for each month, aprox: 15,000 pageviews/month.


The site received near to 25,000 visits on these 4 months, with 15,000 unique visitors at an astonishing  rate of 4,000 unique visitors/month.


The Internet is amazing, the visits came from all over the world! From the known visitors geographic location we can view a Map Overlay showing Europe and Americas on top.
Of course Portugal cities, my home country, are at the top of the table, because I suppose there has been more publicity here and having a local PT image file also helped! đŸ˜‰

GISVM image file downloads:

Here, only the direct file download statistics are shown. GISVM can also be downloaded from torrent, the recommended way! But unfortunately I don’t know any exact way to get the download statistics from torrent.

So over these past 4 months, there as been approximately 4,000 direct image file downloads. This includes all image versions, with some top days passing 100 downloads/day on the announcement dates.

The FOSS4GIS 2008 is still the most downloaded version, with near to 1,200 downloads. But all the 20081101 release files together make over 1,500 downloads!

And if you think about the other Torrent downloads, this is really amazing. I still can’t believe it!

There are several possible ideas for 2009!

If you have some, please share them with us.
Please leave a comment or a forum post!

Thanks everyone!!

Cheers, Ricardo Pinho

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